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Flexible Graphite Sheet Laminate

 Flexible Graphite Sheet Laminate

Flexible Graphite Sheet Laminates are made with high purity 2010B grade flexible graphite reinforced with metallic or non-metallic inserts. There are two basic bonding types: adhesive bond and mechanically bond (metal tang clinched)

Characteristics and Specs

    • Heat and fire resistant
    • Chemical resistant, compatible with most chemicals
    • Compressible, conformable, low creep relaxation
    • Thermal conductive, electrical conductive
    • Reinforced structure to handle high pressure applications

Working Temperature Range:
    Oxidizing Atmosphere, such as air: -400° F to 950° F (-240°C to 510°C)
    Mild Oxidizing Atmosphere of most gasket applications: -400° F to 1500° F(-240°C to 850° C)
    Non-Oxidizing Atmosphere: -400° F to 5400° F (-240°C to 3000° C)
Thermal Conductivity:
    Parallel to Sheet Surface:    960 BTU-in/ft2.h.F (140 W/m.K)
    Through Thickness: 36 ft2.h.F (5W/m.K)

Typical Applications

Heat and chemical resistant gasket, seal, liner; thermal conductive seal; heat exchanger gasket

Product Styles

2030L Plain Graphite Sheet, homogeneous or laminated, no insert

2030R  Graphite Laminate with 316 Stainless Steel Foil Insert, adhesive bond

2030E Graphite Laminate with 316 Stainless Steel Tang Insert, mechanically bond

2030S Graphite Laminate with 316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Insert, adhesive bond

2030P Graphite Laminate with Mylar (Polyester) Film Insert

2030J Graphite Laminate with Tinplated Carbon Steel Tang Insert, mechanically bond

Product Sizes and Variants

Thickness: 1/32" to 1/4"
Standard sheet size: 60" x 60", 39.4" x 39.4"(1m x 1m)
Products may also be supplied in rolls

Graphite Laminate Insert: 316SS Foil
2030R Inserted w/ 316SS Foil
Graphite Laminate Insert: 316SS Tang
2030E Inserted w/ 316SS Tang
Graphite Laminate Insert: 316SS Wire Mesh
2030S Inserted w/ Wire Mesh
Graphite Laminate Insert: Polyester/Mylar
2030P Inserted w/ Polyester
Graphite Laminate with Steel Tang
2030J Graphite Laminate
Flexible Graphite Crinkled Tape, Grafoil GTZ Equivalent
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